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Out-setting Robes

Bathrobes also known as robes; are an often misunderstood branch of clothing that seems to live in the bubble of its niche, and while people seem to understand why it exists, they are oblivious to its true uses and potential. For starters, the word robe is derived from the French word meaning "Women's Dress" and some of the earliest examples of robes date back to ancient Greece during the 9th Century BC and were worn to signify the place of residence.

In Ancient Rome, they were worn on special occasions and were often made of flamboyant materials such as silk. However, the bathrobes we perceive and conceive today are the closest modern relative to the ones worn in Japan called the Kimono. Kimono was so popular and groundbreaking in the world of fashion and vogue that to this date they still inspire luxury robe collections. Many people are well versed in fashion and its history will also tell you how the Kimono changed the course of clothing history.

Versatile Nature

Different countries and civilizations had their take on the bathrobes. They had their interpretation and uses but what remained common was that they were imbued with a sense of luxury and were often worn for a variety of different occasions and purposes and unlike what the name suggests, they weren't strictly limited to being something related to baths only, which brings us to one of my most important points and that is, Bathrobes are incredibly versatile.

Styling Icon

People don't realize but bathrobes are a lot more of a styling icon and can be used in various scenarios apart from just after baths. For example, they are a great piece of clothing to wear and sleep many travel bloggers will recommend you take a pair or two when you travel so that you can wear them in your hotel room. Their soft and luxurious finish provides the comfort you'd need for a good night's rest. Subsequently, you can keep it on when you wake up and because it's easy to manage, it won't come in the way of your things and just when you're about to get ready.

They can also be worn as loungewear many would classify it as loungewear since they're very comfortable and promote relaxation and comfort. They can also be worn as the intermediary when you're not yet dressed but are in the process of getting dressed, I.e putting makeup on, ironing your clothes, doing your hair, and whatnot. These are just a few examples of the many uses of a bathrobe apart from its Main use which is generally after baths to better help absorb the moisture and keep you comfortable as you ready your other pair of clothes.

Robes Quality Matters

However, to find a proper bathrobe is generally a bit of a challenge since many low-quality robes can be found in abundance on the market. The good news is that Jevele has just introduced its new bathrobe collection that seeks to be the only bathrobe collection you will ever need to care about. For a bathrobe to quintessentially be a bathrobe, it has to exude a certain level of luxury that would help it carry out its function. By the use of only the finest and elegant selection of fabrics, we've created the most opulent, comfortable, and relaxing collection of bathrobes that are lathered in the feeling of warmth and coziness.

Decent Bathrobe Collections at Jevele

Made from the finest towel terry, our collection currently offers two colors, an elegant shade of pink and a classy olive green. For a bathrobe to be a bathrobe, it must be of the highest quality and standards to meet a certain luxury threshold and at Jevele, our relentless spirit to achieve the highest standards has allowed us to do exactly that. With the highest standards of craftsmanship in place, the bathrobe collection at Jevele is one to behold, enjoy, and bedazzled in. Find yourself chauffeured in the feeling of warmth and bliss as the moment you wear our bathrobes. Find out more at Jevele and enjoy the collection from the comfort of your home only at Jevele and witness the best bathrobes in Pakistan.