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Did you know? Loungewear is one of the biggest and successful garment industries in the world. Quite literally, who would have imagined such a small piece of garment can make this much money! After all, it is the most crucial clothing item in everyone's life. If we take a look at ancient cultures, draping garments in different styles were considered as bottoms, but time evolved, and fashion designers worked day and night to give proper names and shapes to every piece of garment. Thanks to the women's rights movement, bottoms & pants became acceptable clothing choices for women all over the world.

Stylish Bottoms for Women

Some women wear loungewear as a style statement, while others use it for comfort and ease of mobility. From the early stockings to the trendy. Bottoms of today, pants have given a tremendous sense of liberation to women. It adds a touch of class and elegance in the wardrobe. If you are planning to buy some chic bottoms online, then all you need to do is visit JEVELE on your browsers to get a wide range of cool pajamas ever! To ease down your work and save you from the hassle of finding the best kind of jersey pajama pants, our online store JEVELE has stepped in.

In the overall growing e-businesses of Pakistan, our online store, JEVELE is one of the best and thriving loungewear stores offering the largest selection of cozy bottoms for women ranging from traditional to modern type in every shape, size, and color! Looking for the classiest Jersey pajama pantsCotton pajama pants, Woven pajama pants, Culottes Capri, and other outstanding ladies bottoms at the best and affordable rates, then Jevele is the best place for you. For the premium quality bottoms online, click on to JEVELE now because we are here to save your time from shopping in this scorching heat. It is high time to bring a seasonal upgrade to Your office dress pants.

Summer Collections of Bottoms

This summer, our cool collection of loose-fitting Cotton pants are essential for your office dressing. When it comes to gear up for multiple holiday gatherings, our bottoms are a great alternative to special occasions to dress effortlessly for evening dinners. Straight or wide-leg bottoms from JEVELE would blend effortlessly into any wardrobe, while an off white cropped pair from our store would make for the perfect dining look.

Our seasonal range of stretchy knit loungewear can be worn, both in and out of the house. Our pajama and knit pants have the power to make traveling and performing chores look effortlessly cool. Our comfortable leggings can be both a trendy layering piece and an appropriate choice for a cold morning. All these pleasures at one single platform at reasonable rates!? No, It is not a dream, its JEVELE!