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Jewellery is one of the most fascinating accessories that attract the world. It acts as an agent of beauty, elegance, social status for both men and women. It dazzles the world and allows you to sparkle wherever you go! Women love to wear jewelry in Pakistan because it represents their personality, grooming and most importantly the sense of styling. The rarer the jewel women possess the more unique and fashionable they are in society. The less common a jewel the more appeal it has to humans. Indeed, for a jewel to be valuable it only needs to be perceived as rare.

Whether you believe or not but for women to wear a jewel is an essential part of their appearance. Wearing women fashion jewellery not only gives a better appearance to them but it has a lot of health benefits as well. For online jewellery shopping store in Pakistan Jevele.com is the reliable store. We have fascinating categories; do check our following listings.

Earrings for Girls

Ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of body modification practiced by people all around the world. It is not only an ancient tradition but also a fascinating cross-culture carried out for all sources of reasons including celebrations and aesthetics. Earrings are also an identity of womanhood. It is an additional piece worn by women to bring out the grace, the beauty, and the elegant look within her. It makes her look divine and tender. Hence to enhance her beauty and cherish her womanhood, she wears earrings. It makes her stand out of the crowd grabbing everyone's attention.

Bracelets for Girls & Women

The right-hand makes the best choice for wearing the bracelet. Nothing can be more appealing than moving your accessorized hand for a firm handshake. Because you tend to do the maximum of your work with your right hand then why not flaunt it in style? A Silver Rope Cuff Bracelet in Rhodium Overlay from Jevele is the best thing to buy to complete your look. They have varieties of high quality and stunning bracelet collection which you can buy.

Jewelry Rings for Women & Girls

The reason for wearing rings varies from country-to-country and culture to culture. You know this is an ornament, which increases the beauty of your finger. Normally it appears when we shake hands with others.

A ring also connects one with others with the bond of love or affection. You can see the exchange of rings in every matrimonial ceremony. Now it has become a tradition for exchanging love. If you are planning to buy a ring for an upcoming occasion then Jevele is the best place for you. Various dazzling rings are available on the website that will surely win your heart.

Women Anklets

A delicate anklet is perfect for effortlessly encapsulating a traditional vibe. Whether you're teaming with your favorite khussa or classy sandals, anklets add value to your overall style and draw attention to the wearer’s feet and legs. Women usually prefer to wear anklets that don't build a distinct noise while walking.

Women Jewelry Sets

An enhanced appearance is very important to a woman who is interested to appeal to others. A complete set shows consistency in behavior and perfection. It provides an ease to complement an outfit using simple techniques.

Women Hair Accessories

The hair accessories are functional or ornamental objects wrapped, tied, twisted, inserted, or otherwise attached to the hair. Hair accessories have been worn by women of all ages and it helps to enhance beauty while drawing attention towards the hair.

How to layer Jewelry?

Everyone has their pieces in their wardrobe and especially if you are working with vintage and antique jewelry in Pakistan then there is just a great way to inject personality into your outfits. Women fashion Jewellery stacks will always be the same whether you are wearing earrings or necklaces, rings or bracelets. These are pointers that might make it a little bit easier for you to navigate if you are trying to get the perfect look but still coming a little bit short. Do check Jevele.com the rising brand with respect to online jewellery shopping store in Pakistan.

Women Necklaces

Layering jewelry in Pakistan is one of the easiest ways to personalize your style. The first thing you should always consider while layering necklaces is specifically a neckline that you are working with. Fill it accordingly if you are wearing a V-neck or a button-down shirt that creates kind of V-shape then fill it with something eye-catching. You should go for something that creates a statement as the main focal point then work from there and then fills smaller pieces up on the chain, then nothing feels too busy and it feels very purposefully. In our experience, space does more talking then something that has been filled strategically. Fill the area with women fashion jewellery while not making it overpowering. 


As far as necklines are concerned, with crewneck T-shirts please leave a little space above and below especially if you have got a thicker collar around the crewneck. A longer necklace works well with crew neck. It makes the look long and lean. Make it a rule of thumb to where thick jewelry with thick jewelry and delicate jewelry with a delicate one. It looks purposeful and be perceived as they were repurchased together as a set. 

Jewellery Balancing

Keeping a balance is key. It's important to keep things as balanced as possible. It’s a really easy tool to keep in mind so nothing will feel too over the top. If you are wearing something thicker overall wear something thinner in other departments. If you are wearing thick earrings avoid wearing a thick long necklace. Instead, wear thick rings on the hand. Don’t wear things that are chunky, bulky and close to each other. It has to look like a part of the same story by keeping things similarly weighted not letting anything overpower another. It looks really good.

Consider Your Canvas

While wearing a printed top, you are less likely to layer necklaces on top. Fill the space. It helps everything to look great and fill space. It offers a subtle look and you won’t look loud.

Color of Jewelry

If you are wearing a cool-toned print you are less likely to layer gold on top of that. Go for gold rings or earrings and make sure to have that distance between the pattern and the jewelry.

If you are looking for some western women fashion jewellery then Jevele.com is the best online jewellery shopping store in Pakistan for you. You can shop a wide variety of stylish earrings, rings, necklaces, anklets, hair and sets online; thus for jewelry in Pakistan your foremost choice must be the Jevele.