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The rings are conversation starters and tell a lot about personality. Women wear rings to enhance beauty. That's the power of this small circular object that it draws attention to detail. A ring is not a simple accessory in actual it signals to the world information about you. It is a message that reveals your commitments, achievements, and beliefs. Be it Wedding rings, class rings, fraternal rings, family rings or fashion rings, you better believe you need to understand the message you send to the world.

Rings Convey Lot of Messages

What ring on different fingers says about the personality?  Rings are just a piece of beautiful jewelry and say a lot about your relationship status, love, life, relationships, and even your personality. Everything depends on the finger on which you are wearing it. The ring on the right thumb says nothing about your marital status, profession and position in society. But it can reveal some of your personal traits. If women wear a ring on her right thumb then she might be a tomboy. This may also hint that she is pretty stubborn and has a quick temper. According to Chinese philosophy, a ring on the right thumb means flexibility and the ability to adapt to the will of other people.

In some cultures, a ring on this finger symbolizes marriage. Aside from this, a ring on the right finger doesn’t seem to have any particular meaning but some people believe that it is connected to the thirst of power. On the other hand, there are those who connect ring on the index finger with being obedient and ready to accept advice from other people. A ring on the left finger is either a wedding or an engagement ring but it can have several additional meanings. If a person has a ring on this finger and he lives in a western country then they are likely to be legally married. This tradition originated long ago when people believed that blood moved to the heart through the vein of the left ring finger. If you aren’t married but have this ring on the finger then you might be engaged. The ring symbolizes the promise of your beloved to marry you. On top of that, it tells all the people around you that you are taken.

In short, this piece of jewelry conveys a message and adds value to your overall look.  Just like any other jewelry maintaining a balance with other jewelry is important. Wearing too many rings on each finger won't look classy. Two rings on alternate fingers are more than enough. If you are going for a bohemian style then you are free. You know this is an ornament which increases the beauty of your finger. Normally it appears when we shake hands with others.

Love & Affection

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